Cirencester Gardening Club
Stratton & Baunton Horticultural Society est. 1877
Cirencester Gardening Club
Stratton & Baunton Horticultural Society est. 1877

Annual Show

Our 45th Annual Show was held on Sunday 20th August 2023 in Stratton Village Hall. There were 64 classes, most of which are open to anyone to enter. Exhibits came in during the morning, then the halls closed for judging and re-opened in the afternoon for visitors to look at the displays and for exhibitors to collect their prizes and Show Trophies. We were very pleased with the number of entries and were most impressed by the quality and range of the exhibits. There was also tea and cake to round off a very enjoyable event.

Here is a list of the prize winners in each of the classes:

Class First Second Third
1 Top Tray Ray Scriven Paddy Booth
2 Collection of vegetables. Ray Scriven
3 A collection of onions and shallots Ray Scriven
4 Four potatoes white or coloured Ray Scriven Paddy Booth Kevin Amos
5 Four onions Ray Scriven Paddy Booth Eirwen Morgan
6 Four carrots long or stump rooted Rosie Elphick Joanna Howe Ray Scriven
7 Five runner beans Paddy Booth Ray Scriven Sue Walton
8 Five french beans Ray Scriven Alan Barnes Christine Perkins
9 Six Tomatoes Ray Scriven Joanna Howe Rosie Elphick
10 A dish of cherry tomatoes Ray Scriven Joanna Howe Gerald Blackwell
11 Three beetroot any variety Ray Scriven Alan Barnes Eirwen Morgan
12 Six pods of peas --- no entries ---
13 Six shallots for pickling Ray Scriven Paddy Booth
14 A plate of 3 courgettes Ray Scriven Sue Walton
15 Three or more of any other vegetable Ray Scriven Paddy Booth David Walton
16 A basket of home-grown items for a salad Ray Scriven Paddy Booth
17 Three apples dessert or culinary Rosie Elphick Sophie Reed Eirwen Morgan
18 Three hot chilli peppers Rosy Leek Bryan Sumner Bryan Sumner
19 One dish/plate of any other fruit Christine Perkins Olha Nimak
20 Top Vase Gerald Blackwell Emma Quilliam-Salmon Eirwen Morgan
21 One rose bloom Shirley Mathews Rosy Leek Shirley Sumner
22 A vase of 6 stems of an annual flower Shirley Sumner Eirwen Morgan Shirley Mathews
23 A vase of 3 cacti type dahlias Gerald Blackwell Gerald Blackwell Sue Walton
24 A vase of 3 decorative dahlia Gerald Blackwell Joanna Howe Gerald Blackwell
25 A vase of 6 zinnia Rosie Elphick Joanna Howe Bryan Sumner
26 A vase of perennial herbaceous flowers Shirley Mathews Eirwen Morgan
27 A vase of 3 stems of cosmos Rosy Leek Shirley Ponting Rosie Elphick
28 A vase of any other flower Gerald Blackwell Rosie Elphick Carole Price
29 A vase of mixed garden flowers Shirley Ponting Rosy Leek Joanna Howe
30 A display of floating flower heads Pam Barnes Gerald Blackwell Valerie Timbers
31 Six fuchsia flower heads on a board Gerald Blackwell
32 An orchid Kevin Amos
33 A flowering pot plant Gerald Blackwell Valerie Timbers Shirley Ponting
34 A foliage pot plant Rosie Elphick Eirwen Morgan Emma Quilliam-Salmon
35 One cactus or succulent Richard Ponting Eirwen Morgan Rosy Leek
36 One fuchia Gerald Blackwell Gerald Blackwell Eirwen Morgan
37 The longest runner bean (members only) Paddy Booth
38 The heaviest onion (members only) Kevin Amos
39 Geranium Grenadier (members only) Rosy Leek Carole Price Bryan Sumner
40 Photograph: Wildlife Paddy Booth Rosie Elphick Shirley Mathews
41 Photograph: A Floral Close Up Valerie Timbers Shirley Sumner Bryan Sumner
42 Photograph: An Agricultural Scene Shirley Sumner Paddy Booth Joanna Howe
43 Photograph: The Colour Yellow Shirley Sumner Pam Barnes Shirley Mathews
44 A Victoria sponge Eirwen Morgan Sue Sinton Carole Price
45 A lemon drizzle cake Rosie Elphick Rosy Leek Joanna Howe
46 A boiled fruit cake (men only) Bryan Sumner
47 Four plain scones Shirley Sumner Sue Sinton Joanna Howe
48 A treacle tart Joanna Howe Eirwen Morgan Jenny Dowling
49 A jar of homemade jam Christine Perkins Jenny Dowling Rosy Leek
50 A loaf of handmade or machine-made bread Eirwen Morgan Joanna Howe
51 The King's Coronation Carole Price Joanna Howe Eirwen Morgan
52 Fabulous Foliage Carole Price
53 Treasures from the hedgerow Joanna Howe Carole Price
54 Buck's Fizz in a champagne coupe Rosy Leek Joanna Howe Carole Price
55 A hand knitted garment Eirwen Morgan
56 An item of craft Sue Walton Bella Roberts Charlotte Henson
57 Cross or counted stitch, embroidery or tapestry Pat Betts Eirwen Morgan
58 An original pencil drawing Olha Nimak Andrew Betts Andrew Betts
59 An original watercolour painting Olha Nimak Pat Betts Richard Ponting
60 A limerick Kathy Barnes Sara Telling Shirley Sumner
61 An item of handmade jewellery. Eirwen Morgan
62 A Lego model of a castle (children only) Evie Henson Olha Nimak
63 A hand-made crown (children only) Evie Henson Hannah Telling Olha Nimak
64 A home-painted pebble (children only) Olha Nimak Grace Henson, Evie Henson (joint Second)

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to everyone who entered for making such a wonderful show.